Flying Meat Software’s Acorn image editor has smart cropping features peppered throughout. The crop tool can sniff out white space that surrounds actual content on the canvas, and Acorn’s Web Export feature offers a one-click Trim option to do the same when saving an image for the Web.

Preview can import directly from iPad, iPhone, others

For some time, Preview’s File menu has offered an “Import from…” option that should recognize most devices that Mac OS X natively supports. Plug in your iPhone or iPod touch, and that menu will read “Import from [name of your device.” Unsurprisingly, it also supports the iPad now as well. Select one or more images from the dialog, and they are imported by default to ~/Pictures, then automatically opened in Preview for editing.

Snow Leopard Text to Speech pronounces “OS Ten”

Apple’s Text to Speech in 10.6 Snow Leopard—and likely older versions of OS X—correctly pronounces ”OS X” as “OS Ten,” not “OS Ex.”

iStat Menus items can be dragged, mixed with OS X items

Traditionally, the icon area on the right of Mac OS X’s menubar was split into two regions: the right-most is for Apple’s built-in apps and services, and all third-party icons go to the left. Third party icons do not enjoy some of the perks of Apple’s icons, including holding Command to rearrange or remove entirely (though I am not sure if this is because of API limitations or if third parties simply do not add these features; I suspect the former).

iStat Menus 3 is the first app I’ve seen to bridge this usability gap (Update: readers clarify that it has done this since since version 1). You can hold Command to rearrange iStat menubar items, and even intermingle them with Apple’s items.