This is pretty neat. FileShuttle is one of these ultrasimple file sharing apps like CloudApp, but you host the files yourself.

I gave it a go by creating a directory called “shared” on one of my sites. Files are uploaded via FTP or SFTP when you drag them onto the FileShuttle icon in the Dock. It does a few things that CloudApp doesn’t like zipping up files before uploading them (could be good or bad) and creating txt files for any text that is dropped on the icon, making it a personal pasteboard. After uploading, a short link from or the unfortunately named is copied to the clipboard.

There are a few features that are going to prevent me from using this app despite the limits of the free CloudApp plan. First, there is no menubar icon, which I prefer over a Dock based application. Second, I can’t use the awesome “save screenshot to clipboard” trick I learned recently. Lastly, I can’t delete uploads or access recent links from within the app. It’s very likely that these features are planned for future releases, so I’m going to keep on eye on this one.

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