I’m pretty sure this has been the longest major mid-version upgrade cycle Apple has ever had with iOS, but it’s still very welcome. Among the new features and fixes are:

  • Photos can (finally!) be deleted from Photo Stream (bad news though: I was testing the developer beta, and it’s a manual photo-by-photo process. There’s also still no way to prevent photos like iOS screenshots from appearing in Photo Stream)
  • Camera face detection now highlights all detected faces
  • Redesigned Camera app for iPad
  • genius Mixes and Genius Playlists for iTunes Match subscribers
  • 30-second forward and rewind controls for podcasts in the iPad’s music app
  • Some battery bugs squashed

It’s a free update you can download over-the-air by going to Settings > General > Software Update. It even works as an upgrade if, like me, you’ve been testing the developer betas; you don’t have to wipe your entire device and do a restore.

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