Camera+ 3.0 is out with a ton of great new features and little touches. MacStories has a lengthy review of the new version, and while there are a bunch of new features I won’t round up here, there are lots of great little touches like:

  • VolumeSnap is back and enabled by default
  • You can import multiple photos from Camera Roll at once and zoom thumbnails to make sure you’re bringing over the right shot
  • Camera+ 3 has APIs that third-party developers can use, and some apps already have support built in. Tweetbot’s photo button, for example, has a new “Take photo with Camera+” option
  • There’s a new web widget you can use to embed thumbnails of your latest photos on your site

All in all it sounds like a great update. Check out MacStories’s review or pick up Camera+ and give it a whirl. Right now it’s on sale for just 99¢ in the App Store.

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