Some developers have apps that span multiple platforms, but Apple offers no way to include iOS apps in bundles or other sales outside the App Store. To help solve this problem for its own products, Adobe recently released Creative Cloud, a monthly subscription service that bundles most of its applications, cloud storage, and a few other services.

Adobe also released several iPad and Android apps that tie in with Creative Cloud, but it has no way of including the iPad apps in the subscription. To work around this App Store limitation, Adobe got creative and now offers subscribers an additional free month of Creative Cloud if they buy three of the qualifying apps. For iOS, these are Photoshop Touch, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Collage, and Adobe Proto.

Since Creative Cloud starts at $29.99 a month and Adobe’s qualifying iOS apps each cost $9.99, it’s a clever way of giving the apps to Creative Cloud subscribers for free.

[via MacStories]
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