The iPad version of Alien Blue, a fantastic client for Reddit, now lets you organize subreddits into folders. Tap the Edit button at the top of navigation bar, then the Groups button that appears at the bottom to create and organize your groups.

A new Discover Subreddits option also makes it easier to find new topics you want to follow and participate in. Tap the plus button next to any subreddit category to display the Add a Subreddit popover, then the new Discover Subreddits it contains. For bonus points: as shown in the screenshot, you can add new subreddits directly to your Groups and choose whether they should be included on your Front Page right from the Discover Subreddits panel.

To top it all off, Alien Blue can now backup and sync your subreddit subscriptions, Groups, and link read/unread states over iCloud. A major 2.6 update on its way to Alien Blue for iPhone will complete this new circle of Reddit life.

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