In Squarespace 6, you can use Markdown in two ways: you can drag a Markdown block to a blog post or page using the service’s fantastic LayoutEngine, or you can go to Settings > General and enable Markdown by default for all editable text areas.

Either way, when you use the link button in Squarespace’s Markdown text editing toolbar, it now defaults to creating reference links, and there are some great perks to the way it works. Specifically, links are organized after each paragraph, not lumped at the bottom of the page, and if you hit Escape in the middle of adding your URL, Squarespace removes the reference link.

My one complaint is that Squarespace does not automatically update the reference link label if you change it in your graph. So if you change the default number label to, say, “product1,” you’ll still have to manually update that label in the reference link.

Overall though, this is an appreciated addition to help make writing a beautiful, organized process in Squarespace 6.

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