ClouDrop is a full-featured, universal client for CloudApp, the file sharing service. I found it when looking for a replacement for my previous, seemingly abandoned client, and I discovered it has a tremendous number of little perks and bits of polish, such as:

  • select multiple files to upload at once
  • the option to compress multiple files into a single zip file
  • an “upload latest photo” option from the file picker so you don’t have to dig through your library
  • pull-to-refresh to copy an item’s link (from the individual item view)
  • the option to run in the background for 10 minutes between sessions and upload everything you copy, including files
  • view traffic statistics for every file in your account
  • support for iOS’s Open In feature to download anything in your account and send to another app

ClouDrop really is a fantastic CloudApp client that is easily worth more than its 99¢ price. I highly recommend it.

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