If you use Apple Maps to move through a large city with tall buildings in 3D standard view (not satellite view), the building models will animate up from the ground once you’re out of their way.
Try this: find a large city like Chicago or New York in standard view (with vector outlines), zoom all the way into the center, then back out just a tad. Swipe up with two fingers to enter 3D view (but don’t flip up the page to turn on satellite view), and building models should animate up from the ground.

Now, find an area with buildings too tall for your zoomed in view and swipe up to move through them backwards. As you pass through the building’s space, it will animate up from the ground as you get far enough away.

It’s a nice bit of polish that lets you examine a city as you move around it instead of having your view constantly blocked blocked by skyscrapers.

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