So, you’re in a drawing/sketching/handwriting app on iPad, and all you want to do is share a small portion of your canvas—maybe a single figure on a page of notes you’ve taken—using another app. Most apps require an export to the iOS Camera Roll, which then requires a crop and copy before reaching your destination, whether that’s Mail, Messages, Pages, Keynote, or OmniOutliner. It’s tedious.

Enter Noteshelf, a feature-packed note taking and drawing app for iPad. Aside from being fast and flexible, it also allows you to effortlessly share just a portion of your document. Once you create a notebook and draw something, try this:

  • tap the scissors icon in the toolbar and lasso (draw around) a selection with your finger or stylus
  • tap and drag to move the selection around the page
  • tap inside the selection boundary to display the Cut / Copy / Transform menu items
  • tap “Copy”, switch to another app that supports pasting images inside documents such as Mail, Messages, or OmniFocus
  • tap in a text area and paste

Voilà—you just pasted part of your Noteshelf selection into the app as a PNG.

[thanks Joe Kohlmann!]
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