I’m pretty dang excited to say I’ve launched the first Finer Things in Tech podcast with my friend John Morrison, though it might not be about what you think. In fact, some episodes may not be directly about tech at all, which is why I decided to try “Finer Things in…” for the name.

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We want to do things a little differently with this show. For starters, plenty of podcasts have cornered the market on shows that last upwards of 60-90 minutes or more, so Finer Things In episodes will be around 20 minutes or less and focus on one or two of the most important topics of their time. In other words, just the finer things.

Some episodes will delve into a significant turning point in tech from the last week, others might be about a lasting thorn in the industry’s side. In line with the ethos of this site, I don’t think of this first Finer Things series as a news show. It’s a succinct conversation about the principal, underlying events and culture of tech, related industries, and, occasionally, whatever we feel like.

For example, in this inaugural episode, we discussed why the Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire photography staff and what it means for both readers and the changing world of “professional” photojournalism. Our next show will likely be Monday/Tuesday June 10, and we’ll almost certainly discuss not just what Apple does and doesn’t announce at WWDC 2013, but why it matters. The show after that? We’ll see.

Guests will soon be on the menu. While I’ve been screencasting and sometimes moonlighted as a podcaster over the years, please bear with us as I get on my feet with running a show like this. I’m also toying with sponsorship and a couple other ideas to support the show and Finer Things in Tech itself, but more on that later.

If you have feedback on the show, the format, what you’d like to hear, or anything else, please let us know here or around the web:

As always, thanks for reading and, now, listening.

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