If you take screenshots on iOS but want more organization or editing options than what is offered by Photos, the App Store has some great options for you.

Generally, these apps can automatically copy over all screenshots from Photos, then they give you organization and editing options including deleting all screenshots from Photos to de-clutter your library, tagging, and more.

Organize and delete

Screenshot Journal – Spoiler: this is my app of choice. To quote the excellent description from developer UI Forge: “Screenshot Journal is the best tool for archiving, organizing, and inspecting screenshots.” It can automatically sniff your photo library for new screenshots and import them, even persistently in the background, and can delete them all from Photos with just two taps. Screenshot Journal’s organization features are great, from tags to filtering them by device type, and everything can be stored in Dropbox.

Screenshots Mate – Similar to Screenshot Journal, it can import all your screenshots, delete them with two taps, and offers some organization features. It uses folders instead of tags, but it also has an ‘ignore list’ for screenshots in Photos that you don’t want the app to recognize or import.

Screenshot++ – Another screenshot importer and organizer, with a unique dashboard that tallies all the space you’ve saved. Also, it syncs your library via iCloud, and Dropbox doesn’t appear to even be an option.

Just delete

Screeny – This is a single-serving app that can find and delete all your screenshots in one fell swoop. It’s about cleaning up your photo library, not organizing screenshots. You get a tally of the space you’ll save and a big ol’ delete button.


Pinpoint – A really fast way to grab a screenshot from Photos, annotate or blur parts of it, and share it somewhere. A drawback is that it doesn’t let you do this with regular photos (yet?), but hot diggity it’s fast.

Skitch – Owned by Evernote, it doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves but it’s a good, full-featured annotation tool. It supports all photos and screenshots and sharing to other apps.

(New) Tailor – A clever single-serving app that can stick conversations together from iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. Just take some overlapping screenshots and Tailor will figure it out.

Honorable mention: webpage shots

Webpageshots Pro – Ever need to screenshot an entire webpage for fun or posterity? Boom. I love this app for all sorts of little uses, a big one being archiving pages for reference later. This also wins bonus points for the sole in-app purchase: “A cup of coffee.”

(New) Altershot – Customize the status bar in your iPhone and iPad screenshots—you can toggle certain icons like battery and location, or remove the status bar entirely.

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