Trello has quickly become one of my favorite ways to collaborate on projects with teams (it has a great iOS app too). It uses an agile methodology with boards and lists—you create boards for projects or departments, each board can have one or more lists, and in those lists you create cards for ideas and tasks. There are lots of great little details and features that make this setup very, very useful.

But one catch is that, if you’re involved with multiple boards across one or more organizations, it is not immediately obvious how to see all cards that are assigned to you. At least, it wasn’t to me.

Thankfully, my wife at Mobile Makers just found it: in a traditional PC browser, click your name in the upper right corner of Trello, then click Cards. You’ll see all cards assigned to you across all boards by default, but you can choose to sort them by due date as well.

Hopefully this comes to the iOS app soon, it’s pretty handy.

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