Have we talked about how great Clips for iOS is? Because it is absolutely a thing. That is great. It actually makes some kinds of work much easier on iOS versus a Mac.

Put simply, it’s a copy, paste, and snippet utility. The core app can save things you copy for use in various ways later, but the meat and potatoes is its app extension. Most useful in Safari, you can select text on a webpage, or simply tap the extension and copy everything you want—the text, the page title, the URL, and/or anything else in whatever format you want.

You can save these things to the app for use later, or copy them all to the clipboard for use right away in other apps. But the point is: Clips allows you to effortlessly copy more than one thing at once. For example: I can select text on a page, then trigger the Clips extension to copy that text, as well as the page’s title and URL in Markdown format, as as single clipboard item for pasting into a MacLife article I’m writing in Ulysses or 1Writer. Now pair this up with the ability to create copy templates to format all these elements however you want. 😳💥

It probably takes a little while to wrap your head around, it did for me. But if you do anything with text and/or links on iOS, Clips is a must-have. If you use my links above and buy it or anything else in iTunes Store, you’ll support my work here with Finer Things in Tech. Thanks.

Clips extension in Safari with multiple copy templates, and multiple bits of info ready for your clipboard or other apps.
Clips extension in Safari with multiple copy templates, and multiple bits of info ready for your clipboard or other apps.
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