I’m really enjoying mobile photography, and a while ago I wanted an app that offers more power and control. I also quickly realized that I don’t want all these shots to mingle with and clutter up my actual Camera Roll of friends, family, and travel photos. I want to tinker with my photography somewhere else.

This is what led me to ProCamera for iPhone, which became a first-homescreen app very quickly. It has lots of good control and tools, but it also has something i haven’t seen in many other apps: an optional lightbox for storing your shots in-app, separate from the rest of your photos.

I like this for two main reasons. First, it relieves the worry of taking too many shots or overloading my Camera Roll. Second, when it’s time to edit, it’s easier to dive in and tinker with just the photos I care about.

The only thing I’m uncomfortable with is that ProCamera currently offers no way to back these photos up to something like iCloud Drive or Dropbox. It’s easy to export some or all to the Camera Roll, but my photos otherwise live and die in this app and iCloud Backup.

Still, it’s worked well so far, and when I’m happy with a photo I usually share it somewhere, so that is at least some sort of a backup. But if you know of an app that offers a lot of similar mobile photography power, has a lightbox, and can back up lightbox photos to iCloud Drive or Dropbox, I’m all ears on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter.

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