Thanks to recommendations from The Sweet Setup and some Twitter followers, I recently swapped out Grocery Gadget, the seemingly abandoned shopping app I use with Jessi, for AnyList.

It’s been great for collaboratively organizing our grocery list and all our other shopping, and I’m a paying subscriber now. I also started warming up to the recipe organization features. My favorite surprise so far, though, is the ability to automatically import items from Reminders.

Once you switch this feature on from Settings > Reminders Import and grant access, AnyList will duplicate all your lists in Reminders. It then watches for new items in those lists, automatically in the background, and moves them to the corresponding list in AnyList.

The ultimate punchline here is that you can now use Siri to add items to AnyList, using Reminders as a proxy. Telling Siri to “add salmon to my Costco list” will add salmon to that list in Reminders, and AnyList will soon catch that and add it to your Costco list. When you create new lists in AnyList, it will duplicate that list in Reminders.

I’ve started making this habit and I’m really happy with the setup. Toss in the ability to add items to Reminders via Apple Watch, and it gets even more convenient.

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