Douglas Adams rules about tech

New tech comes out all the time. Some of it is a great idea and we all get on board. Some of it needs a little more time in the oven. Some of it simply isn't a good idea, and it'll get shut down soon enough. We're petty hip on how things work these days.

There is a time in most of our lives where new tech is awesome. It's amazing and the world is changing for the better and this is all fun and hey maybe I can even get a job involving this stuff.

Then there's a period of time I've watched a lot of folks go through where most, if not all, new tech stuff is just awful. The new things are terrible now and who needs this stuff and I don't even get it anyway why can't we just go back to the new awesome stuff that came out when I decided when stuff was awesome.

I really do believe Douglas Adams had a point here. I'm sure there are smart psychologists and white papers that can speak better to this, but it seems like something breaks in people. Maybe after they're done putting in some kind of common window of time and effort to understand the world, our brain flips a switch and we're done. No more new stuff, everything from now on is terrible. I don't know.

But frankly I'm sick of it. Why was the old new stuff any better or more amazing than the new new stuff? I can't find a legitimate reason for it. Snapchat isn't terrible and you aren't old. There are a thousand guides out there to explain how Snapchat works. It won’t kill you to look one up. I've seen all ages of people have to teach each other. You're not inherent old, and no I don't care what your age is.

Know what makes you old? Getting so insistently stuck in your ways that you shit on everything new just because it might not make immediate sense to you, or it might require effort or a change of habit.

Computers were originally dubbed a fad. So was the internet. Get some fucking perspective and join us. This stuff is fun and amazing and the world is still changing for the better. Otherwise get out of the way.

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