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If you scrub left and right with two fingers in QuickTime Player on Lion, you’ll get a time-lapse mode that lets you quickly fast forward and rewind through footage. The controller turns into a speed gage so you can see how much more quickly you’re scrubbing forward and back. via Dan Wineman

Select an entire paragraph of text with a single tap

While writing text in almost any app, you can single-tap with two fingers to select an entire paragraph. This works in Mail, Notes, and most writing apps (Elements, Writing Kit, etc.) I’m trying. It appears to be part of iOS 5’s native text editing features. I wager that unless an app is doing something custom, […]

Tweetbot for iPad landed today, and it has a few perks over the iPhone version. Among them is a Settings > Navigation panel that lets you shut off sections you don’t want to see.

How to follow just the Finer Topics you want

More and more readers are asking for ways to follow just the topics they want on Finer Things sites, and I’m happy to oblige! Bookmark tags One thing you can do is bookmark specific tags, because I try to stay pretty organized and thorough when tagging all posts and reader submissions. If you’re a nut […]