Retailers working on an Apple Pay competitor start blocking it

What a great idea for making less money and sending customers to competitors.

Thoughts on and options for deleting your Google account

I’m tired of being uncomfortable about Google as a business and how it avoids helping regular people, so I did something about it.

Death by 1,000 clouds

The stuff we create, save, and care about is scattered across myriad clouds, each with their own rules, pros, and cons. Do I really need another?

iOS, Mac App Extensions offer some hope for walled gardens

Users now know their apps *should* be able to work together, and they’re going to be even more frustrated when they don’t.

The next generation of newsreaders could do so much more for readers and publishers

Our current newsreaders are good, but there is so much untapped potential to turn us into smarter, more efficient readers and help publishers.


Are we _ever_ out of range of a camera or microphone anymore, including our own personal, trusted devices?

The hidden problem with killing apps in iOS 7

In iOS 7, Apple finally gave us much more background multitasking, but killing apps has become even more problematic.