I wish Blendle worked more like a feed reader

I like this attempt at micro-transactions-for-news, but I can’t help but feel it could use a different approach.

The downside of paid upgrade pricing for apps

There is no One Business Model to Rule Them All. But this is still frustrating.

A flaw and solution for iMessage group conversations

Group iMessage conversations can get quite notification-y. There’s a partial solution in place, but it might require chat friends to tweak their behavior.

In with a new MacBook

In 2015, I switched from a 13-inch MacBook Pro to a first-gen,…

📱 Anti-reminders can help build healthy habits, stick to your values

A way to remind yourself to not do something, break a routine when it’s useful, or build new habits.

New habits and hobbies for 2018

I’m not generally one for new year’s resolutions. But I _do_ pay attention to those times one has to draw a line in the sand to start something new.

Thoughts on the Mac mini, running a business, and long teeth

Let’s explore some context based on priorities, numbers, and intent.