Pocket: Swipe any item to share, tag, and organize your reading queue

I’m really not sure it could get easier or faster.

Pushpin for Pinboard now has iOS keyboard shortcuts

Tablet in the front, business on the bottom.

Unread newsreader matches website CSS to give you a smooth transition

Impressive attention to detail and a welcome touch for this refreshingly minimal newsreader.

Four tips to rock, tune, and sync iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is packed with some smart sharing and sync features. Here are some of the best I’ve found so far.

Digg for iOS makes it really easy to subscribe to new sites you find

I have to be honest: in this post-Google-Reader world, I’m still undecided…

Tumblr redesigns the iOS photo picking process, adds a live camera

Tumblr for iOS¬†got a huge upgrade and redesign recently. One of its…

Moving tip: Use Skitch and Maps to remember new neighbors’ names

Despite my best efforts, I’m not great with names. Since my wife…