Other perspectives on the Touch Bar

Anecdotes and links from people with positive experiences with the Touch Bar to help balance out some of the I Hate Change-ism going around.

Swipe right in Ulysses to quickly star a sheet

It’s a great way to keep easy access to projects across all your folders and sub-folders.

The downside of paid upgrade pricing for apps

There is no One Business Model to Rule Them All. But this is still frustrating.

A flaw and solution for iMessage group conversations

Group iMessage conversations can get quite notification-y. There’s a partial solution in place, but it might require chat friends to tweak their behavior.

In with a new MacBook

In 2015, I switched from a 13-inch MacBook Pro to a first-gen,…

Thoughts on the Mac mini, running a business, and long teeth

Let’s explore some context based on priorities, numbers, and intent.

Good Google Drive alternatives for collaborating on documents, notes, presentations, and more

Google hasn’t been the only game in town for a while. There’s a great variety of options and features these days.