My first macOS ‘meh’ upgrade

I feel strange. Thanks to my iPad and iOS 11, this is the first macOS upgrade in over a decade that I’m not rushing out to install.

Things 3 after 5 months

I think I finally found a task app that doesn’t make me turn into a contortionist.

You can use your email for iMessage, plus it’s more identifiable

You can add additional email addresses to your iCloud/iMessage account, which brings some extra perks to texting and email.

A guide for switching from Dropbox to iCloud Drive

I wanted to save money by paying for one fewer cloud. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself.

📱💻 Drag links in Safari to open them in a new background tab

This is just excellent.

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How to archive your internet likes with Day One

A long time ago, I had an app called Favs that collected…