Newsify can download new articles automatically, uses iOS 8 Share Sheet

Newsify’s automatic background sync and fiexible Share Sheet options make it my favorite newsreader right now.

Siri understands a lot of different commands now. Like, a *lot*

You know when you trigger Siri, and there’s that little question mark…

iOS 8 now makes sure you know when apps are actively using your location in the background

iOS 8 now displays a colored top bar alert when apps are actively using…

iOS 8: Tag links when you add to Pocket from any app

Pocket, the read later app for articles and videos, has an iOS…

Yosemite: New emoji popup has type-to-search, tells you all their names

Who needs Yosemite’s latest emoji shortcuts? You do.

Tumblr now lets you watch videos on the side

Videos in the Tumblr dashboard now have a gray arrow icon at their…

iOS 8: Drag-and-drop to reorder App Extensions

Easily move your favorite extensions to the front of the list for quick access.