💻 QuickTime can record your Apple TV

Here’s a simple step-by-step. Unsurprisingly, DRM content doesn’t seem to work.

📱 How to move multiple apps at once on iPhone and iPad


iOS can subscribe to calendars like a boss

I don’t run across subscribe-able calendars on my iPad all that often,…

Swipe right in Ulysses to quickly star a sheet

It’s a great way to keep easy access to projects across all your folders and sub-folders.

📱 Play with app mockup ideas with ProtoSketch for iPad and iPhone

It’s a good app anyone can use to create a simple mockup of an iOS app idea.

📱 Apple Maps: Use 3D Touch on recent search results to call, open homepage, share

3D Touch is useful in so many apps, including Apple’s own Maps.

📱 Quick skip between Spotlight result groups on iPad

A simple, fast shortcut to find just the result you need.