Slack _can_ be hard, but a little planning can do wonders

Some are starting to wonder if Slack is more of a trend than the powerful, enabling tool that it can be. But spending a little time to set up a guide can do wonders for your organization and Slack’s effectiveness in it.

The case for newsreaders, but not in their current form

In a time of overwhelming noise and few new options to cut through it, I would argue newsreaders are more valuable than ever. But there is so much more they could do for both publishers and readers.

"Activist Engineering"

“It’s our responsibility not to forsake the people who trust the apps we make with our silence.”

Facebook Instant Articles and the fight over how many ads per words you should see

The first 20 publishers taking part in Facebook’s Instant Articles program are…

Comcast’s mobile site can check your internet connection, text you when it’s back up

Internet was out at our house this morning, so I decided to…

Sunrise Calendar adds handy little icons to events based on keywords

In addition to displaying colors for different calendars, Sunrise Calendar also adds…

Trello: How to view all of your cards (tasks) across all boards

Trello has quickly become one of my favorite ways to collaborate on…