Canopy: a beautiful storefront for Amazon

The sheer volume of items available for sale on Amazon is staggering,…

Whither the API

Apps and services have changed the way we can access our own data, sometimes cutting us off entirely. I interviewed developers to find out if this is a trend and what, if anything, we can do.

Tumblr released a big Markdown editor update

Looks like Tumblr is on a text editor roll. After that big…

Tumblr shows off new text styling, media features with, naturally, a GIF

Tumblr recently added a whole bunch of text styling and media features.…

A new Finer Things in Tech, more posts, and a way you can help

Finer Things in Tech should look a little different today, starting with…

Please update your Finer Things in Tech RSS feeds—they’re moving!

Finer Things in Tech is getting a CMS overhaul, and all the feeds are changing. Please (re-)subscribe and tell all your friends and maybe even some strangers too!

Google Contributor could succeed where Readability failed at supporting creators

Google Congributor is an interesting new experiement for contributing directly and easily to websites. It’s just what we need.