Finer Things in Tech Newsletter Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsoring a Finer Things in Tech newsletter might be a little different than other ads you’ve placed, so I’d like to explain some of the details.

A tip is the pitch

Finer Things in Tech focuses on short, bite-sized tips to help people get more out of tech and apps.

Your sponsorship slot is a short tip about your app or product—a nugget of interestingness that helps it stand out or spark ideas in your potential customers.

Do: Turn on Day One’s “Activity Feed” to automatically collect things like your tweets and social check-ins for easy journaling.

Don’t: “ABC App is the best way to get XYZ done.”

I’m happy to offer advice or work with you on the actual copy of your sponsorship post.

Photos and screenshots

I do include one piece of media with each tip and sponsorship slot, but it isn’t very large. See examples below.

In the media you provide, please focus on the specific feature or aspect of your product to help customers identify the aspect mentioned. Traditional media like a wide shot of happy people in a room, or a full-screen shot of your app, are not effective and simply won’t fit in my newsletter’s format.

Here is a draft of the inaugural issue which includes the sponsorship slot and media for each tip. I’m still polishing some details, but this is pretty close to my intended 1.0.

THe details

  • This newsletter is weekly
  • One sponsor per issue
  • Titles should be around 10 words or less, body around 50 or less.
  • Please provide one screenshot in a wide 3:2 format, ideally 600-800px wide
  • Depending on the length of the issue, your post will appear around the middle at the 3rd or 2nd slot
  • The sponsor block is labeled as such with a default blue color title, but you can pick a color that matches your app or brand (black is not an option). Please give me the HEX value.


I’m working on that.


Title: Automatically collect journal-worthy entries in Day One

Body: In Day One on iPhone or iPad, go to the in-app Settings > Activity Feed to start automatically capturing your activity from things like Twitter, Instagram, your general location history, and Photos. You can pick which activity to keep and turn into Day One journal entries.