iPhone updates contact info dynamically throughout OS

I just received a message from an unsaved number on my iPhone while the screen was locked. It was from a friend, informing me that I should replace his older number with the one the text was from. I left the message on my iPhone in its unread state, opened his contact information in Address Book on my Mac and made the change.

Since I have MobileMe set up to sync my contacts between my Mac, the web, and the iPhone, the contact details were updated on my iPhone (over EDGE) as well. When I pressed the Home button again ten seconds later, the number on the standby screen display was replaced with the name of my friend. And I didn’t even so much as unlock the iPhone during the whole process.

Lala.com music service has keyboard shortcuts

Lala keyboard shortcutsLala, an online music library, streaming, and shopping service, offers keyboard shortcuts. It’s a beta feature you have to enable, but you have your choice between two different shortcut sets, and some even work in fullscreen mode, another beta feature.

Tweetie 2: Swipe through tweets one by one

Tweetie2SingleTweetTweetie 2 lets you view tweets one at a time. In addition to a couple more features in this view (including a trash option for your own tweets), you can actually navigate tweets this way. Swipe up or down to move to the next or previous tweet, respectively.

Cute Profiles for WordPress adds a social media bar to your site

Cute Profiles WordPress plugin

Cute Profiles doesn’t add a traditional widget to your WordPress sidebar or a simple list of your profiles to a page or post. Instead, it adds a buttonized list of your profile icons to the side of your site, outside your content and layout. It would probably be an annoying addition to many sites, but I bet this would be perfect for a personal profile or dashboard site that serves mostly to direct people to your other activity online.

Some iPod video features disappear in portrait mode

Watching video in the iPod app offers some great features, some which appeared with OS 3.0, but only if you’re watching in the vertical orientation. You can use the new 30-second skip-back button, and sicne this is a podcast from iTunes Store, the email button appears to easily share a link for the show with someone.

But if you rotate your device to the horizontal format, which most users probably do for watching videos, most of these features disappear.