Pause App Store downloads


While downloading or updating an app from the App Store, you can pause the download by tapping its icon. Tapping the icon again will resume the download where it left off.

iPhone OS 3.x app installation respects your Home screen layout

When you installed an app in iPhone OS 2.2 and earlier, it was put in the next available slot of your first home screen. This was annoying if you like to maintain a clean first screen.

In 3.x, new apps are added to the first slot on your second (or next available) screen, leaving your home screen alone no matter how many open slots it has. Oddly, when Voice Memos was introduced when I installed 3.1 on my iPod, it was added to the first screen.

NPR’s app gains social media tools


NPR’s news and podcast app embraces social sharing tools. In addition to sending a story link by email, you can now add your Twitter and Facebook accounts as options.

Gmail displays live previews of images dragged from another window

Gmail live image previews

When composing a Gmail message in a separate window, you can drag images from most sites into the body to attach them to the message and see previews displayed in-line. On the Mac this works in Safari and I believe Firefox as well. Would any readers care to comment on this functionality in Windows?

This is different from Gmail Labs features, such as “previews in mail” for sites like Picasa and Flickr, because those features focus on displaying previews for messages you receive. While I used Flickr for my example, an image from worked as well.

OS 3.1: Lock screen battery indicator moved down


Starting in iPhone OS 3.1 (I think), the battery charging indicator on the home screen has been moved down. It was most likely shifted so the iPod controls no longer obscure the battery icon when you double tap the home button.

That seems to be the idea, anyway. The thing is, when the iPod controls are hidden, it looks really off center. Distractingly off center. And it wasn’t exactly obscuring anything before — it was transparent.