Cute Profiles for WordPress adds a social media bar to your site

Cute Profiles WordPress plugin

Cute Profiles doesn’t add a traditional widget to your WordPress sidebar or a simple list of your profiles to a page or post. Instead, it adds a buttonized list of your profile icons to the side of your site, outside your content and layout. It would probably be an annoying addition to many sites, but I bet this would be perfect for a personal profile or dashboard site that serves mostly to direct people to your other activity online.

Some iPod video features disappear in portrait mode

Watching video in the iPod app offers some great features, some which appeared with OS 3.0, but only if you’re watching in the vertical orientation. You can use the new 30-second skip-back button, and sicne this is a podcast from iTunes Store, the email button appears to easily share a link for the show with someone.

But if you rotate your device to the horizontal format, which most users probably do for watching videos, most of these features disappear.

OS 3.1: iPod controls cleaned up while device is in a dock


As of iPhone OS 3.1, the volume control disappears in the iPod app when the iPhone is plugged via the dock connector into a device that will control the volume externally (e.g. a car iPhone adapter). Previously, the volume control was there but didn’t do anything.

Layers: A painting app that does layers well

There are a few different painting applications on the iPhone that support layers, but none of them do quite so gorgeous of a job at displaying and managing them then Layers.  Simply click the layers button at the bottom left of the app and you get a quick animated transition to a 3D view where each layer is shown as a semi-transparent plane.  Click a layer to make it the active layer you’re painting on, drag layers to rearrange them and double tap to get back to painting.

Official Gmail Blog: Got the wrong Bob?

Official Gmail Blog: Got the wrong Bob?

A bizarrely named new Gmail Labs feature, “Got the wrong Bob?” is intended to save you from emailing the wrong people.

If you typically add Jane Doe, Bill Smith, and John Doe to the same group message, Gmail will warn you the next time you accidentally add Bill Lumbergh instead of Bill Smith to one of these messages.

Basically, it’s another new experimental Gmail feature designed to save us from ourselves.

Pause App Store downloads


While downloading or updating an app from the App Store, you can pause the download by tapping its icon. Tapping the icon again will resume the download where it left off.