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The Settings icon on iOS 6’s update page animates

When you update iOS from Settings > Software Update, the gears in the Settings icon now spin if you’re on iOS 6.

Swipe in the new Tumblr iPhone app to create text, photo posts

Tumblr released yet another major redesign for its iPhone app, and while it still doesn’t feature an iPad version, it did get a few handy tricks to make creating certain types of posts easier.

Instead of tapping the compose button to get your pick of Tumblr’s post types, you can swipe it to the left to skip straight to creating a new text post. Swipe the button up to start a new photo post, which immediately opens the camera so you can take a quick shot.

A quick way to glance at each app’s windows from the app switcher

When using Command+Tab to switch between apps, you can quickly glance at each app’s open windows to find just what you’re looking for.

After you open the switcher with Command+Tab, keep your thumb on the Command key, but move your other finger from the Tab key and press 1. All open windows from the app currently selected in the switcher will be highlighted, while windows from all other apps will briefly be hidden. Update: the feature is called App Exposé.

Once you’re in this mode, you can actually remove your thumb from the Command key. If you hit Tab, you can cycle through windows of each app in their order of appearance in the app switcher. You can also Command+Tab again to pick a specific app. You will stay in App Exposé until you click a mouse button or use arrow keys to pick a specific window, then press Return.

Update: Hat tip to reader Joe Harris, the feature is called App Exposé, and if you’re using an Apple trackpad, you should also be able to trigger it with a three- or four-finger swipe downward. If it doesn’t work for you, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures and see if App Exposé is enabled.

iOS 6 features you might have missed | Macworld

Great roundup of wonderful little details in iOS 6. My two favorites: a new share sheet that uses service icons instead of bland, boring option names, and Siri’s ability to post Facebook statuses and tweet, complete with the ability to translate your friends’ names into @ names.

The status bar in iOS 6 is a chameleon

In iOS 6, developers can change the color of the status bar to match the current app.

Thanks to Simon Ljungberg for the photo.

Learn trivia while you wait for your photos in FX Photo Studio Pro

When you apply a filter in FX Photo Studio for iPhone or FX Photo Studio HD for iPad, an app that has roughly four kajillion effects, you can learn trivia instead of just stare at a silly progress bar.

Bonus tip: you can not only use multiple filters on the same image, you can save them as a preset for using whenever you want and share your presets with other FX Photo Studio Pro users.