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Gmail: Sending from other addresses now more genuine


When adding another “from” address to your Gmail account, you can now specify external SMTP servers so the message is genuine; no more “on be half of” cruft that reveals your true Gmail address. This is a major win for using a Gmail or Google Apps account as your main email dashboard.

Favstar explains privacy for mashup-wary users


Favstar: Sign in. I love micro-copy like this: the folks at Favstar clearly recognise that people are becoming wary of mashups having access to your Twitter account, and make it extremely clear as to what they’re going to do once you’re signed in via Twitter.

Fever: News items are deleted after 10 weeks by default

Fever, Shaun Inman’s unique, self-hosted news reader, automatically deletes news items that are not Saved after 10 weeks. This setting can be adjusted in Fever’s Preferences > Refreshing pane, with options of 2, 4, and 6 weeks instead. I imagine Shaun implemented this rule because Fever probably puts an at least noticeable load on one’s bandwidth, storage, and MySQL server. It isn’t a deal-breaker for me, personally, but it is certainly worth nothing for potential customers.

Move apps more easily between pages

When invoking the application organization mode in iPhone OS 3.0, you can now shift through multiple pages in a direction simply by holding the app to one the other sides of the display.

Previously, in iPhone OS 2.0, you had to move the app to the edge to invoke a page shift, then move it slightly away and back again to shift another page. This typically caused applications on each page you shifted past to get rearranged, which was especially irritating if you have a lot of full pages.

In iPhone OS 3.0, you can simply hold the app to either side of the device display to keep switching past pages; no organizationally destructive back-and-forth teetering required.

Gmail accepts traditional text style shortcuts

While drafting a Gmail message in Safari, I noticed that it accepts styling shortcuts from traditional text editors. Hotting Command/Control-b, for example, will bold text, Command-i will italicize, and Command-u will underline.

How to force quit apps on an iPhone 3GS

Voice Control in iPhone OS 3.0 took over the iPhone’s “press-and-hold the Home button to do something” ability, so the method to force-quit a stuck app has changed. Now you have to hold the power button at the top as if you’re powering down the phone. When you see the red slider, hold the Home button for a couple seconds. You’ll be taken out of the power down mode, and if all goes well, your app will quit.