A guide for developers who bring Mac apps to the iPad

A simple thought experiment.

Things 3 after 5 months

I think I finally found a task app that doesn’t make me turn into a contortionist.

Dropmark is my new service for bookmarks and collecting, sharing neat stuff

I’ve been asked what Dropmark is and how I use it, so here we go. TL;DR: it’s a service for bookmarks, file sharing, and collaboration, and it’s replaced a few things for me. I really like it.

How to bypass Google AMP links with Opener for iOS

I don’t like Google AMP’s “accelerated mobile pages.” It feels like yet…

Tweetbot pro tip: filter your timeline for links, keywords, media, and more (iOS)

A tremendously useful feature in Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad (affiliate link)…

A high-level comparison of Squarespace and Weebly

The services are similar in a number of ways, but I recently decided to give Weebly a shot for for building new company’s site. I’m glad I did.

The iPad's value can be hard to quantify, but don't let that stop you

The iPad can be more empowering than the sum of its parts, but it might require some new thinking and letting go of old habits.