Stratechery: Apple’s New Market

Ben Thompson on the market both for and beyond the iPhone, as well as Apple’s unique approach to integration:In fact, while I don’t know how many suppliers are in the Samsung supply chain, I’d wager it’s fewer than the iPhone’s, simply because Samsung itself is...

Quickly open URLs from tasks in Due

[Due](!chartier), a universal and fast task manager for iPhone and iPad, as well as [the Mac](!chartier), makes it easy to use URLs with your tasks. On iPhone or iPad, simply create a task and add a URL to its...

Alfred Tips: The one in which you play a random album There are those indecisive moments. We all have them. And especially when it comes to choosing just the right type of music entertainment for the following moments.

Tweet Nest – archive your Twitter account

Tweet Nest – archive your Twitter account A self-hosted web app, similar to ThinkUp, that lets you archive, browse, and search your Twitter account. You’ll need your own web host, PHP 5.2, and MySQL 4.1. via Chris Bowler