How to use Photos for iOS & Mac editing extensions and revert to your originals

Photo extensions make it easier to edit your photos, but they also allow Photos for iOS and Mac to automatically keep a backup of your original image. How great is that?

Get easy access to any search engine with Alfred, a handy utility

Alfred is a search utility like Apple’s Spotlight, except with more features and…

Hot damn I love Ulysses, a writing app for iPad and Mac

For my general writing needs these days, I’ve settled on Ulysses for iPad and Mac. It’s just damn good and worth every penny. Here are just a few of my favorite things.

Sunrise Calendar adds handy little icons to events based on keywords

In addition to displaying colors for different calendars, Sunrise Calendar also adds…

Yosemite: Use Preview to quickly remove location info from photos

Smartphones usually embed location info when you shoot photos. Preview in Yosemite gained a fast, simple tool for removing it.

How to switch from Pinboard to Stache for Mac and iOS

Stache is a great new bookmarking app for Mac and iOS. There’s a snag if you import bookmarks from Pinboard, so here’s a workaround until it’s fixed.

Day One has plenty of keyboard shortcuts on Mac, some on iOS

Keeping a journal or diary is easier with keyboard shortcuts on Mac and, now, even iOS.