ChronoMate time tracker knows when you’re away

This time-tracking utility for Freshbooks can catch when you’re idle, help you bill clients properly, and keep you on task.

Fastmail makes flag/starring messages actually useful

Marking a message as important is good. Actually treating that message as more important than others is better.

The Evernote Web Clipper can now clip Gmail threads

Evernote’s powerful browser extension just became even more useful to Gmail users.

Due lets you message, email, call contacts involved with your tasks

Don’t just check off tasks in a list, you should [sunglasses] Due them.

An Alfred Workflow to open the current Safari tab in Chrome

Alfred is a powerful productivity utility. This is just one of many of its user-extendable tricks.

Hazel can keep your Mac’s files organized for you, here’s how to do a dry run to double-check your work

Hazel can clean up files and automatically organize them into apps, folders, and archives. Good thing it offers a dry run option to avoid mistakes.

Move, duplicate, and share events in Fantastical 2 for iPhone

In Fantastical 2 for iPhone, long pressing an event will bring up…