On finally understanding The Matrix sequels – Just Write

“The great thing about art is that, while it stays the same, you don’t.”

The science and documentary TV format doesn't hold up well in the age of streaming

The format has not aged well in a time of on-demand content, where TV commercials and ‘jumping back into the middle of a show’ basically don’t exist anymore.

YouTube for iOS gets search-while-you-watch, Chromecast support

YouTube 2.0 for iPhone and iPad gained some great new features, not to mention a new overall design that feels just a bit prepared for iOS 7.

SuperAlbum can share Facebook, Flickr, Twitter photos between services

First of all, if you’re not using SuperAlbum yet, you should. It’s a…
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Ben Gold: YouTube now lets you adjust the video speed? Interesting.

YouTube displays video frames during upload

YouTube displays the actual frames of a video as an upload progresses.…